Countdown 4 days

peace corpsIn 4 days I will be beginning a new exciting journey. Excitement, enthusiasm, and nervous jitters are running rampant in my body!

On Monday I will be flying to Philadelphia for STAGING. Here I will be meeting the other 28 Peace Corps Volunteers leaving to serve in Madagascar with me! We will spend 2 nights in Philly then take a bus early in the morning to New York. From there a 16 hour flight to South Africa- Johannesburg.  After a couple hours in South Africa the group and I will be taking a short 3 hour flight to Madagascar!

I will be living and training for 3 months in Mantasoa. A city near the capital, Antananarivo. My first 4 weeks I will be staying with a host family. My days will be filled with Malagasy language training, technical training, and visiting current volunteers at their sites! The remainder of the 3 months will be spent at the Peace Corps training center.

I have been told that my internet and communication will be very sparse, so if you do not here from me by blog/fb write me letters! 🙂



  1. Shura


    I am so excited for you …I could burst. The intangibles of this journey are so bountiful ….and beautiful ….I will be praying for you….and I will write.

    I just love you. Madagascar ….will never be the same!!!!

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