Officially 1 month in country

I am currently 1 month into my 27 month journey across the globe. Let me start off by saying that this is by far the COOLEST country. Malagasy people are sweet, calm, respectful, and beautiful. Madagascar as a country from the little I have seen is breathtakingly gorgeous. As my first month and my last day of living with my host family is coming to a close I want to touch on some highlights of my first 30 days!

  1. YOGA in Madagascar (well…Yoga while little children jump around you and mimic your tree positions) As some of you know I am a fan yoga and during my last month in San Francisco practiced Bikram Yoga in the Mission religiously! (side note- if you haven’t tried it—DO IT! Bikram is mind-blowing!) Anyways back to my story, my great friends Stephanie and Ian, Peace Corps volunteers and fellow yogis, decided to take our mats to the Madagascar wilderness and get our inner-stretch on! May I add that our backs were and are in much need of stretching J We headed out to the field near our homestays and began our yoga session with sun salutations and Bikram stances. Sure enough before we knew it we were surrounded by 20 or so little hands all attempting to mimic and master “warrior positions” and “tree balance stances”! I have to say this was SUCH a cool experience. Imagine me and two of my fellow PCV’s practicing yoga with a herd of Malagasy children! MADE MY DAY!
  2. Highlight number #2 actually happened right after my yoga enlightening experience! The children were getting a little rowdy so I decided to switch it up and play a more interactive game called  “Gana, gana, geesa!”. You may know the American version…Duck Duck GOOSE! I have never laughed so hard! We made a huge circle and had children and volunteers running around like crazy.
  3. My third highlight occurred during our cooking class. Our language instructors conducted a Saturday Cross Cultural Cooking Class so that we as volunteers could learn how to cook and make Malagasy dishes. If you did not already know I have a HUGE well… HUGE obsession with COCONUTS. First thing on our Saturday menu was Coconut Rice! I could not have been happier to learn how to make this delicious dish! (side note—there will be an abundance of coconuts at my site!)

Only an ocean away….ImageImageImage


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  1. Heather Cunningham

    So very happy to see you are settling in and enjoying life 🙂 I’m also curious to know if you are teaching “Indian Eye Yoga” to the Malagasy children. xoxoxox.

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