UNO- more than just a card game!

tanabod2 (1)I spent this afternoon walking around a new part of my village near the port where large canoes travel down to Mananjary, the next town south of Mahanoro. As I walked by fishermen bringing in the catch of the day and women washing their clothes in the canal, I ran into some children I had befriended the week prior. I sat down underneath a palm tree avoiding the strong sun rays of the afternoon. I turned around to see a bunch of children watching me intently. I motioned for them to come over. We made a circle and sat together. Lucky for me I always carry cards or some friendly kid distraction. Today’s lucky game was UNO! I pulled out the deck of cards as the children squirmed pointed to the vibrant blue, red, yellow, and green cards. I explained with my little Malagasy and big gestures how to play UNO! Before I knew it, grandmas, fishermen, women washing clothes, and hoards of children gathered to watch ten kids and myself play cards. Every time a new number was placed in the deck I would say “TWO- BLUE!” and show the number two on my hand. This continued for a bit until the children and audience alike began giggling and repeating after me- number and color…”Trreee Grrrreeen!” I emphasized the –TH by pointing to my tongue. Everyone simultaneously pointed to their tongues and said “TH TH TH THHHREEEE”.

Needless to say today was by far the best day I have had here in Mahanoro. I sat underneath a palm tree playing UNO and teaching half the village colors and numbers in English. Once the game finished and the sun began to set, I was escorted back to my home holding hands with fourteen smiling children.



  1. barrie

    Sounds terrible. I’m sorry you aren’t in an exotic locale, meeting new people and learning new things everyday. When are you going to do something exciting? Someone needs to get a life. ❤ ❤ ❤

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