Dancing Queen, Gardening, and Babies!

IMG_1320IMG_1315puppy and me

me and kids

teacher Training

Here are some photo updates from the last couple weeks at site.

1. I organized a teacher training for English Teachers. To my surprise English Teachers not only from the various schools within Mahanoro attended but 5 teachers from the surrounding towns (up to 80 km away) attended as well! We had a wonderful time. I opened the training with the questions: “Why did you chose to become a teacher? Why are you an English teacher? Why are teachers important?”

Many of my students live away from their parents they moved to Mahanoro to attend high school and only see their parents on holidays. Teachers thus become role models for these students- since in theory they see their teachers every day at school. I made sure to share the message that “teachers are role models and the foundation towards building the future of Madagascar.” These teachers were motivated, inspired, and hungry for information.

We discussed the various learning styles and how to adapt lessons to fit the various styles. We discussed the English curriculum and spoke about new activities to include in the classroom! At the end each teacher was gifted a certificate and photograph of the group. They will also be receiving English curriculums to help them lesson plan!

2. I am starting a Family Garden with my family! Here is a picture of the sign my sister and brother made to hang on the small fence we are building. Any tips about gardening are welcome!

3. I attended a music concert and danced with kiddies and babies!! 🙂

4. Happy volunteer – I received some amazing care packages and am so thankful for all my friends and family who have sent packages of love and sweet letters. THANK YOU!!


One comment

  1. Patricia MAJOREL

    I am so incredibly proud of you! I love the idea of teachers training, allowing them to reflect on their role and practices.I am sure they left this training very excited and rejunevated . Can’t wait to see the garden this summer when I visit and meet all the family.Love you. Maman

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