Think Big. Do big.

It is Malagasy custom to ask others “Avy Taiza Anao?” -where did you come from/ where have you been? Many times when walking to the market or going to the post office I find myself answering this question. It seems funny to me that Malagasy people focus more on where you have been then where you are going. I see parallel in my students when I ask them “Where do you want to go after you graduate, what do you want to be when you grow up?” They have a difficult time answering this question.  I began thinking that if my students are constantly focusing on where they have been instead of where they are going- this mindset can hinder the motivation to think big and do big.

I set out to do an activity in hopes of getting there motivational big thinking juices flowing! I asked them to draw three dreams they wish to accomplish and give a small presentation to the class.

Think Big. Do Big.



  1. donteattrash

    how did it go with the students? And what have you found is the strength in them that they look back wards a lot. Does that mean they plan and learn from the past well?

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