Women Rule the World

March 8th marks a great day in history, International Womens Day! Here in my village the female teachers at the Lycee gathered to make food together and share recipes. We made fried rice, papaya salad, chicken, sautéed vegetables, and fried bananas. Then together we planted young mango and avocado trees in the Lycee’s garden- signifying the rebirth and rejuvenation of a new year!IMG_8917IMG_8980

Of course a Malagasy party doesn’t  quite begin without dancing- so we had a fair share of music and traditional dancing.

To the strong women of the world, stand strong, believe in yourself, and represent yourself. You are appreciated, you are queens.IMG_8976



  1. Eric

    I can tell you that I married a strong woman 17 years ago. She has constently challenged me throughout our time together by showing that she has her own mind, and I can tell you that I am much better for it.

    Charlotte, I think your words ring true. When we have strong women, we have a better society.

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