Malaria STOMP IT OUT! Tazo Moka festival




On May 10th I held a Malaria Festival in the village of Mahanoro. The festival’s objectives were to educate the population about prevention methods, what is malaria and where is comes from, and the medicine you take to effectively cure malaria. The morning consisted of official speeches from all heads of the village and individual speeches given by the mayor, chef de district, and medicine inspector. Next my English Club students put on a comical play and entertained the 500 people that came out to view the festival. We held a poetry and spoken word contest about Malaria and even a performance of a famous “TazoMoka” song It was a wonderful day full of education, motivation, and exchange of culture.
In the afternoon, I partnered with PSI and organized a Girls and Boys, high school versus Middle School soccer match. At half time PSI and myself conducted half time Malaria questions and education. After the games were over more than 700 people watched the ever so famous PSI Cinemamobile, a huge projection about Malaria Education.

The Highlight and most likely my favorite part of the festival is the fact that the Community Health Workers administered Rapid Diagnostic Tests to diagnose Malaria on the spot at the Festival. If positive, the patient was educated and given medication to cure Malaria, ACT.

Of 20 tests 7 were positive. Those 7 patients were directly given medication. Of those 7, 6 were children under five years old and 1 was a pregnant woman. These populations are most vulnerable to Malaria.

Following up a week after with the myself and two Community Agents visited all 7 patients who received medication at the festival, and I am happy and thrilled to report that all have been cured of Malaria and are happy and healthy!


Check this video of the festival and my TV interview on National Malagasy TV!






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