Mahandro {verb} : to cook

I knew that I would be eating a lot ALOT of rice during my service. What I didn’t know was that my culinary skills and imagination would blossom! From homemade pita bread to salmon burgers I have been experimenting with new techniques and limited ingredients. I suppose you could say this is a version of the CHOPPED food channel show but Peace Corps style!

I built my own Peace Corps oven which involves placing 3 empty condensed milk cans at the bottom of a large 40 cm + pot. You must fill the pot with a layer of sand, place the cans , then you baking dish, flip the lid and place hot charcoal on top- this produces a convection oven! I have successfully made banana bread and upside down pineapple cake!

Open to recipes and looking for fun things to try:) would love to hear about your favorite eats.






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