The Suns sets and my eyes open wide

Avenue of Baobabs in Morondava on the West Coast of Madagascar.

I took this trip this summer. Looking back it was one of the most blissful, amazing, favorite moments I have had on this island.

When I think of these trees or trees in general they inspire me. They stand strong, they watch over us, they give us life… These baobabs have become one of the last memories I have of specific happiness in my life. Those baobabs witnessed a great deal of happiness in the moment that is no longer there.

Find the beauty around you.





  1. Barrie

    To me, “find the beauty” also means that there’s beauty in things yet to come. It means we should look forward to possibilities. And we should do things to help move us in positive directions so that we find more beauty even sooner. There’s a lot more happiness in all of our futures. Of course it’s hard not to get sad when we think about treasured moments, now gone. But just keep remembering that every day is a new opportunity to make new happiness, for yourself and for those you love. You bring me happiness every day so you must be doing something right 🙂

  2. Kate

    Such a strong metaphor for such a strong woman! Charlotte, as your mum says, you are both Baobab trees- and as Barrie says, there is so much still ahead. There are so many chapters to our lives, so many chances to be these trees and be inspired and sheltered by other trees- they’ll be different kinds in different places, but they’ll all grow from a good place. You do a great job of finding the beauty around you, so keep it up, as it will keep giving you strength. And remember you have a virtual forest of support surrounding you!

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