Peace Corps Project

Update on the Cultural Center of Hope.

This week I ordered tables, chairs, and bookshelves. I even drew out detailed designs of the furniture to ensure a positive results ! Reminded me of my uncle mark! Drawing out architect designs on scrap paper.

This weekend the furniture arrived. Looks great, tomorrow I will be sanding, painting, and varnishing the pieces.

We have 489 membership sign ups! So exciting. I am really looking forward to starting the classes in January.

Each member must participate by paying 1000 Ariary a month. ( 22 cents) This allows members full access 7 days a week to a library and study room. In addition, the opportunity to sign up for classes, french, English, or computer courses.

Big news! After 3 weeks of searching EVERYWHERE for white boards ( they use blackboards here in schools) I finally found a 3 meter by 1 1/2 meter whiteboard! It looks great in our classroom.

I want to express my greatest appreciation to those of you who have supported this project. It is with relief, happiness, and perseverance that I report to you this great news!

More to come on my PEACE CORPS PROJECT.







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