PCV’s Making Great Moves

“For Africa to move forward, we must get rid of malaria” -Bill Gates

Madagascar is implementing the PECADOM+ Project, an active case detection methodology to fight against Malaria. Peace Corps Volunteers are working in close collaboration with PMI, PNLP (National Malaria Control Program) and local health officials to eliminate malaria.

PCV Astrid’s site on the East Coast in piloting PECADOM+. During one of her community sweeps, checking mosquito nets and checking for malaria symptoms, she noticed a “Dream Banner” hung inside a mosquito net. PCV’s encourage youth to produce “Dream Banners”, which consist of drawing out their dreams on paper and placing it under their mosquito net. This reinforces the idea that if you sleep under your net you will be able to be healthy and achieve your dreams. Great Job!

For more information on PECADOM+ and the work Peace Corps Volunteers are doing on eliminating malaria.

Check  out what PCV’s in Africa are doing to stomp out malaria: http://www.stompoutmalaria.org
Astric- PECADOMPhoto Credit: PCV Astrid


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