How has service changed me?

I have recently been asked some pretty great questions and I think it’s important to share my answers. This question I especially enjoyed answering.

How has your service changed you? Do you think Peace Corps has benefitted you professionally or changed your career path?

Peace Corps has changed me in a variety of ways. It has made me appreciate where I come from. It has allowed me to see the world through a different lens. It has produced patience within me and enlarged my heart to give more. I am thankful to have gone through the challenges I have gone through because I truly believe it has produced a motivation, a fire within me. My service has allowed me to realize that the majority of the world does not live how we do. It has shown me that happiness does not come from money. It has shown me that change can be made with enough effort and enough positivity.

I have always wanted to work internationally and I believe Peace Corps has engrained that passion even more. I want to help those who have lost their path. I want to show them there is a way and that they are strong enough to accomplish the things they want in life. I believe that professionally Peace Corps has provided me with tools to make change and mobilize other to find their future through change. I believe that due to the fact that I have lived in the field, on the ground, and worked and lived like a local Malagasy person has afforded me great knowledge. If I want to work for a larger NGO or Organization I need to understand the people I am serving. These past 18 months I have studied, curiously questioned, and figured out how to best help my community by watching them, living with them, and most importantly listening to them. This on the ground experience is crucial.



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