I see Polaroids…

First day in Mahajunga. (Large city North-East Madagascar- on the Mozambique Channel)

Walking around, snapping pictures left and right. Suddenly I realize something just isn’t right. I look at my camera, “NO CARD INSERTED”. My heart breaks… I forgot the SD card in my computer, from the night before.

I never realized how important taking pictures was to me. I literally find myself walking around snapping Polaroids with my eyes, framing scenes, portraits, looking at light, appreciating the tiny details.

Things that are generic and normal to some become extraordinary and picture worthy to me.

I ran back to the bungalows in the evening and swore to myself that I would never give myself a heartbreak like the one I had just experienced ever again.


One comment

  1. Richard Bacon

    Beautiful. Could almost smell the sea in the sunset or rise pix. Amazing days you must be experiencing. We miss you so much. So lucky to know such a giving human being so human! Peace

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