Small Actions Big Footprints

Coming down to my last two weeks of teaching at the high school in Mahanoro and I cannot imagine that two years has flown by… I remember first entering my class in 2013, intimidated by the thought of teaching English to a class of 80 students.

These past two years have taught me many things, responsibility being the most important. I have realized that being a teacher holds a great deal of responsibility. I decided that first day in 2013 that I wanted to be a teacher that left footprints and produced energy in a classroom. I wanted to become a role model, a mentor, a voice to be heard, and a counseling ear. I found that my students came to me after class seeking help on their exercises but also with problems at home and looking for solutions to difficulties in their life. I became responsible for producing a caring and welcoming environment for them to talk to me about their queries. Some just sought a listening ear others looked at me for advice. I became immediately aware of my responsibility as a peer as a role model as a mentor to help them find solutions or at least talk through their issues.

I can say wholeheartedly that this experience has truly left a footprint in my heart and I only hope that I have left my own thumbprint in their hearts.



  1. Donna Hague Wendt

    I marvel at your good works! Best wishes for a great future. Donna Wendt, Operation Smile Tana

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