Keeping in Touch

I would love to here about how you are doing, news, and current events! Please write me letters to keep in touch for the next 5 years!!!!

My email:

Madagascar Address:

CHarlotte Steppling

Operation Smile-Karmaly

B.P 104

110 Antsirabe Madagascar

Please write Airmail/Par Avion on the outside of all letters and packages.

A letter can take about 2 weeks, a smaller package 4 weeks and a larger package 1-2 months.

Tips for Sending Packages

1. Customs forms: Please be cautious about what you put on the custom forms! I have to pay to collect packages and oftentimes things are tampered with. You will need to fill out a customs form to send anything overseas. Don’t declare a value over $15 🙂 Remember it is discouraged to send anything perishable or valuable.

2. Packaging: USPS is recommended for sending packages. I would recommend sending something in one of the FLAT RATE boxes- (you can stuff all kinds of goodies in them :), or , sending in a padded envelope. If you are sending a smaller amount of stuff, padded envelopes are better than actual boxes, because they don’t cost me any money in taxes to pick up from the post office and get to Madagascar faster!

3. Make Your Package Pretty: If you can, put stickers around the edges for packages (to prevent/identify tampering), and INCLUDE a list of what you mailed me so I can know if anything has gone missing when the package was inspected. Also, some volunteers mentioned that by putting crosses, religious sayings, and stickers on the outside, because supposedly the postal workers’ think twice before opening!

Hearing from you will make me extremely happy!



  1. Sebastian Brooke

    Hey!!! I never got to say goodbye and I don’t have your email to send you my essay and pics from the trip. My what’s app is 4128894292

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