Wish List

Hey beautiful friends and family!!! If you are thinking about sending a girl a little something special, here is a list of things that would be much appreciated!!!

First and foremost- letters, news, and updates about you and your life!

-Almonds! ( they are available but extremely expensive)
-Spices: garlic salt, rosemary, oregano, or any great flavorful spices to add a little something to RICE.
-Dried fruit ( love me some goji berries or golden raisins!)
-Anything quick and easy ( quinoa packets, oatmeal packets…etc! )
-Wipes! Hand wipes and face wipes- always useful and come in handy after playing with kids!
-Hand sanitizer!
-Tuna packets always great to add to rice!
– hot sauce or little soy sauce packets you pick up from restaurants
– the cheese packets in the Mac and cheese boxes! I can get pasta here for cheap but some cheese packets would add a little flavor!

Things for the center!

Colored paper
Arts and crafts
School supplies
Dry erase markers
Fun things for a cultural center

Every sweet note or little love package I receive expect an enormous THANK YOU letter back! (It may take a bit but I will make sure to give huge thank yous!!!)


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